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Oct 3

This weekends meeting cancelled.

After careful consideration the committee have made a very difficult decision to cancel this weekend's practice & race day. To run a weekend safely with the correct manning, rent, paramedics & fees to the MSA it costs the club in excess of £7000 - with only 31 drivers we would be running at a considerable loss & This is just not good business & isn't financially viable - please accept our apologies. All payments made will be re-funded. With only 7 championship rounds being completed no rounds will be dropped so the championship results stand as they are. A big thankyou to all our members, quest drivers/ championships, Marshall’s and officials who have supported us this year.

Aug 21

The 2018 Midland Championships

Jul 5

Brucey Bonus!

We are delighted to announce that the Rissy Track will be open for practice sessions on Friday 24th August. 
Please note that Super One participants cannot practice unless otherwise stated.
Please visit our Facebook page and leave a comment if you are interested and to give us an early indication as to the type of classes we can run.


The practice sessions can be tailored made to maximise your track time or run per class as normal.



Jul 5

A very special Meeting. Round 6 August 4th/5th

Jun 20

Next meeting.