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Nov 8

Dinner Dance details.

Nov 5

Rissington KC 2017Championship Winners.

Rissington 2017 Championship Trophy Winners

 Club Trophy Presentation Dinner Dance, Saturday 6th January at Hatherley Manor, Cheltenham.

Honda Cadet
1st – Roman Bilinski (55)
2nd – Alistair Cresswell (33)
3rd – Steven Barnes (61)
4th – William How (79)
5th – Lewis Spiers (14)
6th – Jack Stewart (17)

Iame Cadet
1st – Alfie Baxter-Davies (31)
2nd – Joe Sheppy (41)
3rd – Max Speed (81)
4th – Hady Mimassi (44)
5th – Lucas Field (77)
6th – Aydan Hassan (64)
7th – Eughan Downing (46)

Junior TKM
1st - Dominic Kilmister (77)
2nd – Charlie Whitehouse (23)
3rd – Zak Oates (45)
4th – Will Day (76)
5th – Liam Smith (26)
6th – James Pashley (52)
7th – Robert Sims (33)

TKM Clubman
1st – Ayrton Wynell-Mayow (KB/85)
2nd – Dave Holder – (24)
3rd – James Arnold (36)

Senior TKM
1st – Jack Ransom (27)
2nd – Max Goldsmith (66)
3rd – Joseph Reeves-Smith (99)
4th – Jack Barber (86)
5th – Gary Fowler (75)
6th – Matthew Harris (19)

Sep 15

Thanks to our sponsors.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of the companies that have supported the forthcoming Midland Championships.

We have a fantastic mix of prizes to give away to the winners to make this Midlands one of the best ever!

Special thanks to Tru-Tension UK for being the Title Sponsors.

Entries for the Midlands are still open and can be found by clicking here.

For more info about Tru-Tension, click the graphic below:

Sep 15

Midland Championships.

Aug 29

August updates

A few updates as we approach the final meeting of what has proved to be a very busy season.

The highly coveted and very popular Midland Championships will take place this September.

A full day of practice and testing is up for grabs on Friday 22nd followed by two complete race meetings on the Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th.

Online entries are now available by clicking on this link.

As well as winning the KB Plate, you can also win some fantastic prizes on the day. Examples below:


Prizes for the TKM Extreme for the Midland Championships

Top 3 get vouchers from Tal-Ko Racing

The winner gets 2 VIP tickets to the last round of BTCC at Brands Hatch.

Thanks to Ali Ali Rushforth and Alan Turney for sponsoring the Midlands Champs.


Prizes for the HONDA CADETS for the Midland Championships.

Top 3 get vouchers from Spellfame

The winner gets a test in junior TKM kart supplied by Tim Wilson Motorsport

Thanks to Tim Wilson and Richard Lloyd for sponsoring the Midlands Champs.


Prizes for the JUNIOR X30 for the Midland Championships.

Top 3 get vouchers from John Mills Engineering

The winner gets a half day test in a junior saloon car.

Thanks to James Mills and Ali Rushforth for sponsoring the Midlands Champs.


Prizes for Junior TKM for the Midland Championships.

Vouchers from Tal Ko racing for the top 3.

Winner gets a half day test in a junior saloon car.

Thanks to Alan Turney and Ali Rushforth for supplying the prizes.


IAME cadet prizes for the Midland Championships.

Top 3 vouchers from John Mills Racing plus products from tru-tension.

Plus the winner gets a free test in a junior tkm kart from David Sissel Klaassen.


Please note that the Midland Championship is the last meeting of the season at Rissy. We will not be running in October as previously stated.

And finally, we apologise for the lack of updates regarding the current Club Championship standings and results! The results section will be updated shortly and will certainly be all updated by the end of the season.