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Oct 29

Change of weekend for 2017

May we start by thanking you for your continued support to Rissington Kart Club.

As you will have already seen over the last few years our membership and entry levels have somewhat reduced and we are, and will contnue, to do our level best to keep the club going but we need to ensure we continue to cover the fixed costs incurred to run events at Rissington KC.

Accepting visiting classes and series do of course help a great deal but we have also been considering other options and the facts are that we do currently clash with 2 other very well supported tracks who are also geographically close and for 2017 we are going to change our weekend to the 4th weekend of the month.

We do hope that you can understand the need to do this and will be able to continue to support the club. Kind regards The committee of RKC Acting in your best interests at all times


Rissington Kart Club